2nd international design conference
communicating complexity

22 Novembre 2017


For this new edition 2CO has gone west, to the beautiful island of Tenerife, in the Canary islands – where the conference has found a great host in ULL’s (University of La Laguna) Fine Arts Department.
On 23-25 November 2017 our small community will continue investigating the new communication landscape that embraces approaches, strategies and methodologies for making complex contents accessible through design.
As in the previous Alghero edition the Conference has attracted an interesting arena of scholars engaged in the exploration of new ways to inform, communicate and disseminate technical, scientific, social and environmental content. During the coming Conference we will have participants from Italy, Spain, Germany,United Kingdom, Ireland, S. Marino, Poland, Turkey, Belarus...
With this 2017 Conference we have decided to open some new paths.A new informative environments topic, aimed at encompassing projects that explore the potential of the dimensions of space and of interactivity to convey information, has joined our original three main areas of interest: informative-animation; interactive data visualization; info-graphics.
In addition to this, we have decided this year to enrich the program with a series of intensive design workshops directed to professionals, junior researchers and students: a way for our community to begin an exploration on the didactic issues associated with communicating complexity.


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