Vincenzo Pavan

Research team

Interested in construction materials languages, Vincenzo Pavan was graduated from the Faculty of Architecture, University of Venice, 1968.
From 1975 he has a professional studio in Verona. He participated in international competitions of architecture, and his works were exhibited in numerous shows in Europe and the United States. His main activity involves the organization of architectural exhibitions and conventions for museums and other public institutions. Some of the exhibitions he organized are: “New Chicago Architecture” (1981); “Neue Frankfurt” (1983); “Rom. Neues Bauen in der Ewigen Stadt” (1987); “Last Stays” (1987); “The New School” (1988); “Images in Stone” (1993); “Space, Stone, Architecture” (1999); “New Landscapes in Stone” (2000); “New Stone Architecture in Italy” (2002); “Germany: The Art of Building with Stone” (2004); “The Allure of Natural Stone – Contemporary Architecture from Spain” (2007); “Glocal Stone” (2011).
From 1987 he is the curator of the “International Award Architecture in Stone”, prestigious recognition by Veronafiere to the best works of contemporary architecture realized in stone materials. Relating the theme of materials languages he organized during the last ten years numerous exhibitions, symposiums and seminars about the Stone architecture and edited a lot of publications relating this subject.
He was a visiting professor at NJIT, Université de Montreal, and Yeung-jin College, in the USA, Canada, and Korea. For many years he organized in Italy the seminars of USA Institute (Urban Studies and Architecture Institute), in connexion with Architecture Faculties in various countries and with the local institutions of Verona.
Currently he teaches at the school of Architecture, Ferrara University.