Valeria Zacchei

Research team

Valeria Zacchei (Atri, 1975), Architect (faculty of Architecture “Valle Giulia”, University La Sapienza, Roma), after a significant period studying abroad (Graduate Diploma I at the “Leeds Metropolitan University”, Leeds, United Kingdom, in 2001, and the Master Course “High Rise Buildings”, at the Technische Universiteit, Delft, Netherlands, 2003), PhD in Building Technology (faculty of Architecture, Ferrara, 2004), with a thesis titled “Films for Architecture: use of active layers for the building envelope. a simulation model to support design decisions”, studied innovative coatings for architectural materials. She is a Research Fellow at the Faculty of Architecture “Roma Tre”, in Rome, to study the use of Parametric (BIM) Softwares to manage some qualitative aspects of Architectural design.

Deepening her studies on innovative coatings, she develops a research to experiment innovative coatings for Travertine, with the patronage of md_material design of Ferrara.

Her research activity focuses on technology innovation in construction materials, and the use of information for an architect.
Innovation is a development that people find useful or meaningful. To be innovative, architects — and works of architecture themselves — must become more responsive to their users and environments. In other words, they must incorporate feedback from their physical and cultural contexts rather than relying solely on conventional analytical or internal processes of development, from design to construction. This is particularly important in the early stage of design, when design decision are determinant for the whole building performance.

Research activities are supported by several publications of scientific reports, papers, workshops, and participating to national and international conferences.