Lithos Design

The passion of two young brothers, Claudio and Alberto Bevilacqua, lies behind the establishment of Lithos Design on the strength of the experience of a family-run business boasting 30 years of history. The encounter with designer Raffaello Galiotto marked the company's styling brand. The secret of Lithos Design products is concealed in these few lines; modular partitions and claddings made to create design walls, rendered unique by the natural unrepeatability of each stone, whose singular characteristics are emphasised and enhanced in the skilful cutting, machining and shaping processes. Each model is devised in Lithos Design laboratory, where the idea is developed through tests, trials and errors: similarly to the way in which fathers bent the hardness of natural stone with loving effort, today Lithos Design laboratory plies technology to achieve a perfect marriage with stone and to reveal its most hidden beauty.

The story of Lithos Design is still fresh, since it was established in 2007, yet it is filled with eagerness, clear ideas and the authentic entrepreneurial spirit consisting of hard yet enthusing work. These days, Lithos Design is acknowledged as being one of the most innovative emerging companies on the stone design market; it can rely on a young staff, who are well prepared and customer-oriented, with growing enthusiasm thanks to the results achieved and the universal appreciation of its products. And it continues to look forward, further and further afield.


The use of stone claddings contributes to the healthiness and safety of living spaces: natural stones are not inflammable, they do not get electrostatically charged, and do not encourage the development of bacteria and fungi. Besides, Lithos Design stone claddings have interesting sound absorbency features due to the intrinsic porosity of the materials used, and also to their peculiar 3d textures which provide a broader contact surface with the incidental wave, thus encouraging the dissipation of a higher amount of sound energy. The acoustic quality of any living space is by now essential for a better life quality, and it becomes vital in such settings as theatres, cinemas, libraries, recording and TV studios, meeting rooms.

LITHOS DESIGN - GREEN THINKING Lithos Design processing techniques are respectful of people and of the environment. Indeed, the production does not require the use of chemicals such as colorants or varnishes. In addition, the manufacturing system provides for total wastewater recycling, minimizing its environmental impact. ENERGY THINKING Natural stone has good thermal properties. A stone cladding contributes to the energy performance of a building, optimizing the quantity of energy used for heating and cooling. Optimizing Energy Performance is one of the most important credits to achieve in order to obtain the LEED certification (a certification program for buildings aimed at verifying their sustainability, thus enhancing the value of the building itself).