Il Casone

Il CASONE SpA, innovatively and strategically directed by Alberto and Lorenzo Bartolomei, has for years been committed to reviving and updating Italian stone-dressing skills. This quest for quality is made possible thanks to the innovative technology used during both phases of quarrying and dressing. An in-depth knowledge of the material deriving from a long family tradition enhances its value, steering it towards new and more current uses, where it can express its best qualities in terms of both aesthetics and technical performance. Quarrying and dressing take place around Firenzuola, the only area in which this particular type of stone with a long historical tradition is excavated. Right from the quarrying phase, the stone elements (slabs, blocks, components) undergo continuous quality control as they are codified and prepared for dressing. Codification makes each product unique and permits identification of the precise point of excavation at any moment.
The emphasis on the production phases of the stone elements as well as on the construction of the works, places the company in continuous, close collaboration with national and international designers. Even the most exacting and complex requests are always satisfied through the use of a natural, high-quality material. And it is precisely the attentiveness of this company which keeps Firenzuola sandstone abreast of the contemporary expectations of the architectural project. Control over production and the life of each single stone element fuse traditional Italian artisan quality with innovative productive organisations of the digital era, updating today’s use of sandstone.
The combination of skilled workers and product control makes it possible to achieve any work requested by the designer, who assumes the role of privileged communicator of the company. The craft process can thus integrate the industrial process, enhancing the natural material as it becomes a work of architecture, of design, of urban context. A clear result of such innovation is the new horizon of the material’s use, historically employed nationally (above all in central Italy), but nowadays extended to the international market.

CASONE SpA, a leading company in the sector of the extraction and dressing of Sandstone, has carried out projects of huge national and international importance, some of which include: Piazza Vittorio Veneto in Trieste, designed by Boris Podrecca; the MOMA in New York, designed by Khon Pedersen Fox Associates, and the Benjamin Platz building complex in Berlin, designed by Hans Kollhoff. It is also supplier of floors to the “Apple Retail Store” shops throughout the world.