Consorzio Travertino di Rapolano

The Consorzio del Travertino di Rapolano was created in 2001 by a group of companies operating in different sectors of stone production ranging from quarrying to the creation of standard or made-to-measure finished products.
The consortium aims to make the specialization and expertise of each member become a coordinated part of an innovative, more competitive offer. In this way limitations such as size are overcome, so that the processes of technological innovation, development and research may be initiated.
The following companies belong to the consortium: Arredo di Pietra s.r.l., Querciolaie Rinascente s.c.r.l., Sitem s.r.l., Travertini Paradiso s.r.l., Travertino Sant’Andrea - Giganti Renato s.r.l., Travertino Toscano s.p.a., Vanni s.r.l., Vaselli Marmi s.n.c..