ASPIAG Service s.r.l.

Founded in 1991 by Aspiag AG (Austria Spar International AG), a SPAR Austria company, Aspiag Service Ltd. is the largest of the companies that currently make up the Consorzio Despar Italia.
Our company operates in north-eastern Italy, where the Despar brand has a long tradition and a strong presence.
Three Distribution Centres (DCs), based in Bolzano, Mestrino (Province of Padua) and Udine, form the basis of the company’s structure.
The DCs oversee all directly operated and affiliated Aspiag retail outlets – Despar, Eurospar and Interspar.
The strong, well-established ties between the DCs and the region represent an essential asset for the company and a valuable assurance for consumers.
Nine distribution facilities supply the retail outlets with products on a regular daily basis. These facilities are organized and managed using the most advanced methods and equipment, allowing the company to offer consumers a large variety of fresh Despar products every day.
Aspiag Service also owns and manages three shopping centres in the Province of Padua: “Le Brentelle” in Sarmeola di Rubano, “Ipercity” in Albignasego and “Extense” in Este.

Aspiag Service’s corporate mission is more eloquently expressed by actions than words.
Highlights include:

  • Modern, well-maintained and welcoming retail outlets, where customers are guaranteed quality and convenience, and a dynamic assortment of products that demonstrate our commitment to consumer health and environmental protection
  • A continuous investment in food quality, as evidenced by industry-recognized certifications that include the International Food Standards Certification obtained by the Centro Carni Superdistribuzione (Meat Super-Distribution Centre)
  • Commitment to our employees, including their training and safety, as demonstrated by the OHSAS 18001:2007 certification obtained in 2010
  • Continual improvement of all business processes to offer ever-greater efficiency and efficacy in supplying products and services
  • Commitment to the region enhancing the value of local companies and products

“Despar focuses on offering quality service, valuing its customers and employees as individuals, protecting the health of its customers and employees, and respecting the environment, while also achieving its profit objectives”.

DATA 2012
Number of retail outlets
560 (204 own stores + 356 franchisees)
Retail sales
1.845,9 Mln €
Market share
15,06% (ACNielsen)

Aspiag Service Ltd.
Registered Office and Distribution Centre
Via Buozzi – 39100 Bolzano
Administrative Headquarters and Distribution Centre
Via Galilei, 29 – 35035 Mestrino
Distribution Centre
Via Schumann, 50 – 31100 Udine


Tel. +39 049 9009.311
Fax +39 049 9009.400