Linked bench

April 24, 2017

The name “Linked” comes from the shape of the bench: a single element moving into the space and turning on itself creates two seats at different levels linked together.
The versatility is the basic concept behind this project. Differently from an ordinary bench, this new product design can be used on two different levels, for elderly, children and adults, depending on the preferences of everyone.
The versatility concept is combined with the idea of a unique object, a seemingly continuous piece furnishing squares, streets and gardens, highly recognizable but different in each view, smooth but fully draft in its own shape, almost a urban sculpture.
The shape is designed so that the seats rest on the arches below, in order to reduce the bending stress given by the weight of people.
The basic geometry is generated by a constant rectangular section which moves on a curved track.
Finalist project in the international design contest HI-Macs® 2011, exhibited at 100% Design London fair and Batimat Paris fair .
Conceived to be realized in solid surface for the large possibilities offered by the material, subsequently redesigned to be realized in carbon fibre or in steel and wood elements.
The project has been evolved becoming a system consisting of a pair of tables with benches.

Cinzia Naticchioni

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