Design for survival

September 07, 2022


Number 14 of the MD Journal aims to analyse the contribution that planning culture in design offers to the topic of survival, positively tackling threats to life and adverse conditions with processes that lead from crisis to a new balance, through adaptations and transformations that go far beyond simple reactions to an emergency.

The concept of survival, which literally means to live above (overbeyond), is intrinsically linked to the continuity of existence of people and things, on one hand, and on the other, to a change in temporal, spatial and functional conditions with a view to resisting and overcoming extremely difficult situations. Indeed, in order to survive, it is often necessary to implement radical changes, whose results may lead to evolution or, conversely, to strategic regression back to the minimum state required to guarantee the ability to stay alive. More generally, operating for survival means preparing critically and positively for complex, natural, man-made or integrated situations.

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MD Material Design
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edited by
Alfonso Acocella