Communicative Plan

April 23, 2012


The value of the cultural initiative of XfafX is connected to the status of the Ferrara Architecture Faculty, to the presence of representative figures of the academic world, to the fame and reputation of the speakers invited to develop the Lectio Magistralis, to the intrinsic nature of uniqueness and emotionality of the events, to the innovation of the institutional Communicative Plan.
The territoriality of the XfafX reference audience, in physical presence or “mediated”, will have – on the whole – a local, regional, national extent.
The communication strategy of the events will take a capillary informative and disseminative action operating, through a specific XfafX Press Office, with continuity in time and with a direct involvement of different media: general and specialized press, radio, TV, new media.
The communication actions will be addressed and developed towards different audience: institutional representatives, opinion leaders, stakeholders, professors and students of the Faculties of Architecture and Engineering, architects, engineers, designers.

Nowadays it is imperative, for each social productive organization, to attract and improve whatever is “thought”, “vision”, “innovation research” and to develop – in the meantime – sharing relationships with the widest and most diversified reference audience.
Culture, narrations, communication represent now indefeasible resources – immaterial surplus value – for goods, services, life experiences in the post-fordisme economy.
The most sensible organizations, including a few universities, are already aware of it and they are involving knowledge, creativity, new competences evaluated, by and large, as levers for the success of projects and programmes in the global society.
In this frame it is inscribed the XfafX project, specifically arranged and focused to pursue:
- innovation of the institutional communicative strategy of Faculty through an accurate graphic design, inedited cross-media event formats, a rich relational and involving activity of the media
diffusion and wide visualization towards the significant reference audience of the events and cultural contents of the initiative promoted by the Ferrara Architecture Faculty for its Twentieth Anniversary.

Prof. Alfonso Acocella

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