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January 09, 2012


Each project usually gives us a vision, a prefiguration, expressed through cultural languages, projected in a double dimension of space and time. By its very nature the project implies the propositional activity of “throwing forward”, of inscribing the action in the future, playing on visionary daring, exploiting the acquired positions and contacts, drawing on the intangible resources and energies available or on the latent and interceptable ones.
Everyone knows, through direct experience, how risky the condition looks for the future, for the desirable, for the longing, above all when the project, in its attempt at implementation, will be forced to face unpredictable, indefinable time.
Being aware of such difficulties in the concept of the To Design Today Festival, we have assigned a special value to the time-factor, considered as the “resource” of the project itself in a double strategic perspective.
The first involves the temporal declination of the events sequence, projected in a long term dimension, which will allow us to absorb and enhance the unpredictable. The events will take place across a whole year – from May 2011 to June 2012 - hoping that the cultural events can continue beyond the official term of the 20th Anniversary, nurturing and developing the collaborative relationships with the outside, started during the To Design Today Festival.
The second strategic declination of the time factor is closely linked to the specific “dialogic” nature of the 20th Anniversary project. We have imagined the XfafX project as an “open” prefiguration, susceptible to being defined, framed, enriched; absorbing and structuring, in actions and events, the suggestions and the hypotheses which could arise from the meeting-discussion with the Partners, the Supporters and the reference audience.
The XffX is a cultural programme that – in a time progression – aims at accepting “redefinitions”, “deletions”, “alterations” of new and unpredictable elements. An architecture, essentially, proposed for the festival that will at times be able to shake, to vibrate in order to recollect and reconfigure itself through new contributions which the time ahead will give us.

Alfonso Acocella
XfafX Scientific Head



XfafX Festival To design today

Università degli Studi di Ferrara
Facoltà di Architettura di Ferrara

AHEC American Hardwood Export Council
Casalgrande Padana
Il Casone
Lithos Design
Giuseppe Rivadossi




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