Research team

The MD Material Design Research Workshop presents itself as a trans-disciplinary and collaborative network intended to link its activities with the world outside the University; its commitment in knowledge processes is to promote the design thought as a vast project of curatorship activities, and to spread knowledge through processes of dissemination of the obtained results, also thanks to self-founded and -administered communication media.

The Workshop is composed by professors and young researchers specialized in the domains of advanced design, materials technology, architectural projecting, interior design, product design, ergonomics, digital modelling, graphic and multimedia communication, and curatorship of exhibitions, catalogues and handbooks.

The different competences and know-hows within the research team can guarantee fruitful results and an optimized management of the intellectual sources, stressing the relevance of producing ideas, concepts, scenarios and visions able to react with efficiency and punctuality – thanks to innovative products and services – to the challenges prospected by knowledge economy and global competition in the contemporary society.