The physical spaces of the MD Lab, a place for research network members where to meet and talk, include a variety of premises (provided with equipment, material archives and work areas) and are located inside the monumental building of Palazzo Tassoni Estense, at the top of the historical factory, with direct access from the Hall of Honour.
The palace, built in the fifteenth century during the addition wanted by Borso d’Este, was architecturally restored in full through a complete restoration of the ancient palace that made it suitable for the activities of the Department of Architecture and of the University of Ferrara in general.
Since 1997, the vast architectural building has been the object of research and studies that spawned a project and an intervention of scientific restoration drafted by a group of professors of the Department of Architecture, including Pietromaria Davoli (general coordination and architectural design), Claudio Alessandri (structural design), Sante Mazzacane (systems design), with the involvement of the Superintendence for Architectural Heritage and Landscape represented by Andrea Alberti. The interior, instead, was under the care of Gabriele Lelli and Roberta Bandini; the lighting project was handled by Mario Nanni of Viabizzuno.
The hall on the ground floor, open toward the courtyard, and the monumental Hall of Honour on the first floor, allow organising charming and hospitality-sophisticated exhibitions and cultural events

Other premises, of a smaller size, are available for meetings, round table meetings and seminars and they are open to the general public according to a schedule organised on the basis of specific open days or open weeks for initiatives promoted in close cooperation with institutions, public and private customers, manufacturing organizations, and cultural associations located in Ferrara, nationally and abroad.