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The public University, historically intended as a place of research and training, has the task to promote cultural, scientific, technological innovation and to be - at the same time – knowledge reservoir and memory testimony.
Today, in a form completely different compared to the past, the University is required to be present and active within the society and its economy, by outsourcing its skills and equipping itself – with regard to the drastic reduction of State funding for research, training or cultural activities - in the retrieval processes of financial resources through fundraising that inevitably must promote the concept of "good cause" and leverage relationships, brokering a dialogue between the public and private sectors, promoting the outward transfer of knowledge, innovative approaches, creativity, planning, and service.
People are aware today, at the same time, that the activities of training and university research can no longer be linked exclusively to a narrow view, from a territorial profile stand point, but must relate to broader horizons (regional, national, global) trying to become attractive outward.
Public universities and the private sector, therefore, must approach to share and define together training profiles (both cultural and professional ones), and support research and pre-competitive innovation processes.
The territory to which the University speaks (with its specificity and its material resources) and the intangible and de-located one of the cognitive processes - where academia exercises its abstractive vision of reality through research - are the two interacting poles of the innovation process in the era of knowledge economy.
MD Lab operates within this reformed framework of university governance - characterised by scarcity and reduction of public resources available for research and training - relying solely on internal skills, creativity, attractiveness that is capable of triggering interest in its potential external interlocutors - Institutions, Associations, Foundations, Manufacturing companies etc... - called to economically support it depending on an enlightened vision of social responsibility and interest in the innovative action linked to the strategic role of research and culture.



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