Press Office


The task of every press office is the interaction with the various media of reference, capable of transferring contents of specific interest - topic of an information campaign - to the public at large and to stakeholders in the sector.
The press office of MD Lab is structured to produce textual and iconographic content related projects and information, awareness, promotion initiatives - undertaken by institutions, associations, companies - to be divulged to the media by developing a dialogue with the newsrooms and managing personalised relationships with reporters and editors.
To achieve a wide dissemination of content, relationships, and media contacts established over the years by MD Lab are used.
The press kit project (conceived in the most traditional paper version or through an innovative digital press room approach) is customised for each initiative and contact person with the intent of developing information and narrative (textual, iconographic, multimedia) articulated and modulated in terms of format for the various channels of communication (print, webzines, blogs, social networks ...).
Upon conclusion of each press campaign to the media of reference, there is always the preparation of an ex-post press release that delivers the results obtained by MD Lab's press office.