Nowadays, it is imperative for any institutional, social, productive organisation to attract and cultivate all that is thought, vision, research, innovation and to develop - at the same time - sharing relationships, comparisons, interactions with the broadest and most diverse audiences.
Research, knowledge, information, communication represent, now, an indispensable resource - intangible added value - for goods, services, and life experience in the economy of the new millennium.
The wisest organisations, including the most innovative universities, have already become aware of it and are enhancing their communication platforms, aggregating creativity and new technological skills - as a whole - as leverage for the success of projects, programs, products in a globalised society that is strongly competitive.
In this framework, the MD's newsletter project has been created to pursue:
- an institutional communication strategy linked to the research facility;
- dissemination and sharing to a wider audience of the researches, projects, publications, events, and cultural initiatives promoted by MD Lab.
The aim of the project newsletter - optimised to be viewed comfortably and to be read through mobile devices - is to inform periodically, in summary form, the general public of the recipients, by publishing them in the digital links to useful insights available on
The MD newsletter is sent to a mailing list of about 60,000 recipients:  university professors and researchers, institution and association officials, national and international designers, managers of manufacturing companies etc.

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