The original idea of a thematic website published on the polycentric and interactive backdrop of the Internet dates back to 2005 and comes from the will to drive and expand on the web the contents of the book by Alfonso Acocella"L’architettura di pietra" (Alinea, 2004), Stone Architecture (Skira, 2006), sponsored by LUCENSE of Lucca, sharing them, talking about them and evolving them further.
The website consists of three sections: Journal, Lithospedia, Libro.
The first section, Journal, focuses on the creation of a timed communication tool by enhancing the contents at the beginning of the book and the new ones representing a work in progress that continues along the evolution of the digital project, which are collectively developed in a collaborative manner through the network. This section has an ISSN.
The second section, Lithospedia develops in a more structured and systematic manner the cultural project with the ambitious goal - albeit long-term -of creating an online encyclopedia about the topic of the stone material. Lithospedia offers a project, continuously updated, in the form of a database aimed to rebuild - through images, drawings, information, product sheets - the evolution of the stone material:  its geology, ancient and contemporary stone types, architecture, interior design, stone design etc. The contents (iconic and semantic) are stored and capitalised using procedures and relational parameters allowing an easy search by keywords and categories.
The third section, Libro, offers a new method of narrating and sharing the book"L’architettura di pietra", which is capable to offer the main graphic design features of the printed version and the structure of its contents, with entire chapters available for reading through pages browsable with the click of the mouse.


Architetturadipietra. Journal (2013)
ISSN 2280-434X

Scientific manager
prof. Alfonso Acocella