The productive and communicative activity performed by MD Lab aims specifically at the exploitation and dissemination of the research results and advanced design projects both through printed collections and through the management of digital channels - founded and powered directly by the members of the MD network - such as,, that can reach vast and qualified audiences.
The official communication channel is the website which comprises three autonomous and independent areas: Laboratorio MD, MD Journal, Post-it, and Materiopedia.
The first area, Laboratorio MD, provides an information summary of the research facility with reference to members of the interdisciplinary network, the physical work spaces, the network organisation, the project areas and development of activities and services.
The second educational area, MD Journal is the main content-area of the website where the various electronic format editions of the scientific design magazine are published, on a semi-annual basis, in Open Access; MD Journal has the goal of sharing and disseminating knowledge and the current status of design through monographs and scientific articles from university researches on various contemporary topics.
The third area Post-it and Materiopedia, publishes a more diverse and current content on the topics of design, architecture, materials, art, communication, graphic design, and university education (activities, projects, cultural events). This section of the website is kept continuously updated - two or three times a week - through critical essays, news, reviews, talks, and video clips; the contents are progressively stored and archived in a variety of categories which are always evolving and richer in content.


Scientific manager
prof. Alfonso Acocella