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Edited by
Alfonso Acocella

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MD Journal


The promoter of the scientific magazine MD Journal is the MD university research Lab at the Architecture Department of Ferrara University. The Laboratory consists of a network of researchers and educators specialized in materials culture and technology, architectural planning, interior design, product design, digital modelling, graphics and multimedia communication and exhibition planning and curating.
In particular, Laboratorio MD carries out research into new meanings and lifestyles in contemporary society, and drafts concepts and projects focused on innovative materials and technologies for architecture and product design.
It organises cultural events, exhibitions and workshops for public institutions and private-sector brands, handling the coordination and management of the entire process: from concept to content development, from the planning and definitive set-up phases to promotion and communication.
In order to promote and publicise these activities to a wide public, Lab MD has established themed digital channels and editorial units which publish volumes – both digitally and in print – independently or in conjunction with scientific publishing houses.
Lab MD has recently become an academic publisher, under the name Media MD, which can be considered an independent entity geared to the publication of the results of university research and in line with the Open Access philosophy.
Media MD is a "light" and "adaptable" publishing organisation, available to provide basic support to researchers for the publication and diffusion of scientific content in digital or print format.

Professor Alfonso Acocella
Head of science, Lab MD and Media MD

Lab MD / Media MD
Via della Ghiara, 36
44121 Ferrara